Thursday, April 2, 2015

Laser build log, part 3

I am so far behind on updating this.. I apologize. I've been focusing more on getting the machine running than I have documenting it. As it sits now, the machine is fully functional and pushing good test cuts. The past couple of weeks have been spent playing around in Inkscape using Turnkey Tyranys plugin.

I've also been using his version of Marlin, and the two play together very nicely. Turnkey is still working on the plugin, but its looking better every day.

I joined a google group (!forum/opensource-laser) to talk with others who have done the same modification to their machine. We've also been discussing starting a Wiki for the K40 style lasers in order to document as much about them as we can, ie, power supply pinouts and wiring diagrams for an Arduino/RAMPS or DSP system upgrades. It should be nice to have everything in one central location for anyone to browse.

Once I get some more time, I may go back and edit the first couple of buildlog posts to clarify things. Rough drafts aren't my style, and I have horrible habits when documenting things for others.

I'm also very active in the Laser Engraving and Cutting group on Facebook. It is a closed group full of great members who use these machines every day. Many still use the Moshi board, and several have upgraded to a DSP system. If you're looking for a place to turn, it would be a great start.