Monday, March 2, 2015

Laser build log, part 2

The postal service has been pretty nice to me the past week. So far the only thing I'm missing the get the laser up and running is a replacement tube, which should be here around the second week of March. As of right now I have some LED strip lighting installed in the cutting bay, and my RAMPS module is all wired in with a small quickie jumper board to get my endstops set.

Ignore the breadboard, I was trying to figure out how the endstops worked.I've gotten a new desk since the last time I really did any work in my office, so its a bit of a mess at the moment. Hopefully I'll be able to condense everything to just one room and save my feet. I think I may be wearing a path in the carpet from the office to my spare bedroom, where the chassis is.

I removed the ribbon cable connector and soldered new endstop wiring directly to the board. The stepper motor wires were also lengthed, and everything tucked nicely into some 7mm x 7mm drag chain from Amazon.

 Protip: Bundle your wires all together, then fish one wire through your dragchain pulling the rest behind it. Fishing 8 conductors through the drag chain took all of about 5 seconds this way.

 Below is the quick and dirty board used for the endstops, to connect them to the RAMPS board. Everything is sitting on a piece of wood for now, until I figure out where everything will be mounted.

Oh yeah, I did some testing on the stepper movement too. I've uploaded a video to youtube in case you're interested in seeing some baby steps for my machine. :)

Ok, I think that brings the buildlog up to date. Time to get back to work. :)

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